Eatbourne & District Canine Society  14th September 2008


Boston Terriers.

Junior dog or bitch      5 entries 2 absentees.
1st  Conway’s Norcairn Wot N edition
Brindle dog of 11 months, well balanced both in outline and on the move.
Square skull, flat on top with even white wishbone.
Eyes wide apart, good set ears, alert  expression.
Head carried well on the move. Shoulders sloping and well muscled. Good deep chest with well sprung ribs.
Short well muscled loin, well muscled rear quarters, good turn of stifle. Well let down hocks, compact feet.
He was sure footed on the move, gave the impression of grace and power.
He is a superb example of the breed. presented in first class condition. One to watch in the future.
Best of Breed, Best Puppy In Breed he also won the Puppy Group and went on to Reserve Best Puppy In Show.
2nd Hounslow’s Kingsline Raindance at Ridgeway.
3ard Avent’s Sueno santa Rosa.

Post Graduate dog or bitch    4 entries 2 absent.
1st Messers I&P Chapman and Conway’s Wynele Am I Beloved At Norcairn.
Dog in super condition throughout with good bone.
Balanced  outline and on the move. Correct in skull with eyes wide apart and even wishbone marking .Correct set ears. Fair length of neck carried his head well on the move.
Sloping shoulders, good  tight feet
Deep chest with well sprung  ribs. Thighs strong and well muscled.
Well let down hocks. He moved with grace and style across the ground.
2nd Avent’s Mathio Tiger Lilly To Sueno.

Open dog or bitch    5 entries 1 absent 1 withdrawn.
1st Avent’s Jayrock Charity To Sueno.
Feminine refined bitch of correct size , well balanced throughout.
Square skull flat on top with well defined stop. Eyes wide apart with small white wishbone. Alert in expression at all times.
Well muscled sloping shoulders ,
Good depth of chest. Short loin ,
Well muscled thighs ,good turn of stifle. Hocks well let down with tight feet.
She moved gracefully across the ground.
2nd kemeney’s Linsgift Arry Zona.
3ard  Hounslow’s Ridgeway Romantica.





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