Guilford & District Canine Society 13.11.16.
Judges Critiques from Mr Richard J Gunn (Katanga).

Miniature Poodle:

Junior:  0 entries.

Post Graduate; 1 entry.
1st Mrs E & Mr T Ward’s Pipparel The Look Of Luv.
Handsome black dog of 16 months who is well balanced throughout. I loved his head and dark almond eye giving good expression carried high on a long neck. Well laid back shoulders, good depth of chest and good spring of rib. Well bent stifles to rear with good muscular coverage and correct tail set. He was presented in good coat and he moved freely over the ground driving well from behind. R.B.O.B.

Open; 2 entries.
1st Mrs J.M. Treagus’s Jaytor Jubilee Time SH CM.
Beautiful four year old white bitch presented in fabulous condition throughout. Long fine head with dark almond shaped eyes giving a wicked expression. Well laid back shoulders which had good muscle. Deep chest and strong back with a broad well muscled loin. Well muscled thighs with good bend of stifles and well let down hocks and tight small feet. High set tail which she carried up on the move. She moved soundly with good drive covering the ground well. Presented in good harsh dense coat. B.O.B.
2nd Miss C. Bell’s Jusanin Glenister.

Toy Poodle:

Junior; 1 entry.
1st Mrs P.J. Wheeler’s Ajanti Dream Come True With Verismo.
Black bitch of correct size and just over one year of age. Good head which was fine long and had a good peak. Correct front with well laid back shoulders and had good muscle. Short back and correct rear with well bent stifles with good muscle. Correct tail set she was presented in a good, dense, harsh coat and she moved well over the ground. B.O.B.

Post Graduate; 0 entries.

Open; 0 entries.

Standard Poodle:

Junior; 4 entries.
1st Mrs T. Brown’s Jaspalie Morning Glory.
Absolutely fabulous white bitch of seven months she is well balanced throughout. I loved her head which is long and fine with dark almond eyes giving a wicked expression all carried well on a long, strong neck. Well laid back shoulders with good muscle and legs set straight. Moderately wide chest with good depth and well sprung ribs. Short back and a broad well muscled loin to a correct tail set. Good well muscled rear with well bent stifles and well let down hocks. Tight small feet with arched toes and strong pasterns. She was presented in a gleaming harsh, dense coat and when she managed to keep all four feet on the ground she moved soundly with a free and light gait over the ground. I am sure she will do well in the future and I could have easily taken her home. B.O.B. & B.P.I.B.
2nd Ms C. Still’s Alisane Sweetes Devotion.
3rd Mrs F. Wharam’s Coolishal Seventh Heaven.
4th Mrs N.V. & Mrs V. Ratcliffe & Booth’s Namika Thouart Beloved.

Post Graduate; 1 entry.
1st Mrs F. Wharam’s Montravia Play On Ice.
White bitch of three and a half years of age. Good head with dark almond eye shape giving a wicked expression. Strong front with good muscle, straight legs and tight feet with arched toes. Deep chest with good spring of rib. Short back and well muscled rear with well let down hocks. She moved well over the ground. Presented in a dense harsh coat. R.B.O.B.

Open; 1 entry 1 absentee.


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