The Hound Club of Wales.

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1st Mr & Misses Owen, Brodie & Cody’s Wolfscastle Greyce.
Elegant bitch just over 1 year old.  Feminine head with dark eye and neat small ears. Long neck, well laid shoulder and straight forelegs. Chest deep, slight arch over loin. Well bent stifles. She had a lovely coat and was presented in good muscle tone throughout. She moved easily over the ground. RBOB.
5 entries 1 absentee.
1st Mr & Misses Owen, Brodie & Cody’s Luckhurst Nebo To Wolfscastle.
Handsome dog just over 21 months of age. He has a lovely head with good expression. Good length of neck into well angulated shoulders. Good depth of chest and brisket. Good width across hips and well angulated hind assembly. He was presented in good hard muscle which enabled him to move easily over the ground. BOB.
2nd Mrs L Steele’s Brylach Ophelia Of Sorimsway.
3rd Mrs G. Carr Kanba Tamsin.

Rhodesian Ridgeback.
3 entries 0 absentees.
1st N Raymond’s Sofala Goodness Gracious.
Well balanced bitch of just over 1 year. Loved her head and bright eye giving an intelligent expression. Strong neck flowing smoothly into well set shoulders and deep chest. Strong loin, well muscled quarters & good turn of stifle. She moved well across the ground. BOB.
2nd Mr K Stait’s Simangele Capsicum.
3rd Miss J Davies & Mr Di Morris’s Zenzele’s Sheer Bliss.
3 entries 0 absentees.
1st N Raymond’s Sofala So Fantastique.
Beautiful bitch of just over 2 years of age. Well balanced outline throughout. Correct front assembly with good layback of shoulder and compact feet. Well muscled rear with good bend of stifle and well let down hocks. Moved well over the ground. RBOB.
2nd Miss J Davies Zenzele’s Azizi Blue.
3rd Mr K Stait’s Simangele Capsicum.



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