Newmarket and District Canine Society  14.06.08.

Afghan Hound Puppy:      2 entries 0 absentees.

1st Mr E & Mrs J Collett’s Mhasud Lady Starlight.
11 month old black and tan bitch full of promise for the future. Elegant head with dark triangular eye shape carried on long neck. Good lay of shoulder with good return of upper arm. Short well muscled loin with good fallaway at rear and ring tail set on low. Well muscled rear quarters good bend of stifle. She moved easily across the ground and was more mature than her brother who took second place. Well presented and handled.
Best puppy in breed and reserve best of breed.
3ard in puppy group.
2nd  Mr E & Mrs J Collett’s Mhasud Unforgetable.

Afghan Hound Graduate:  2 entries 1 absent.

1st Mr E & Mrs J Collett’s Kazzlyn She’s The One At Mhasud.
19 month old black and silver bitch full of quality and a real pleasure to go over. Feminine head shape with good underjaw and dak triangular eyes. Lonk neck which flowed down to well laid back shoulders and good return of upper arm. Deep chest with good spring of rib. Short well muscled loin. Ring tail set on low. Good bend of stifle. Well let down hocks. She is very mature for her age, she moved with good front extension and drive from the rear, covering the ground with style effortlessly.
She was presented in fabulous condition both in coat and muscle tone.
Best of breed.



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