The Nordic Open Show 24.11.18.
Judge Mr R.J.Gunn Katanga.


Puppy 0 entries.

Special yearling 0 entries.

Open 2 entries.

1st Addis Miss J Savannastorm Born To Be Wild.
Handsome red and white 4 year old dog who was full of breed type. I loved his typical head which was flat, of medium width with nice chiselling and with beautiful wrinkles on his forehead when his ears were pricked all finished off by his dark almond eyes that give great expression. Correct in his front with finely boned straight legs, a well laid back shoulder and small tight feet with well arched toes. His chest is deep with good spring of rib and he is short in his back length. Well made rear with a moderate turn of stifle and strong hocks. All of his qualities shone through when he moved with long easy strides around the ring. B.O.B.
2nd Hardy & Hallam Mrs D & Mrs P Tokaji Klassic Trinity JW.
A beautifully balanced tri colour bitch more refined throughout. Well proportioned flat head with good chiselling and an intelligent expression from her obliquely set dark almond eyes.  Well made front with good muscle and elbows close to her brisket.  Short in her body and loin with a well muscled rear and her tail curled tightly over her spine. She moved well around the ring.
Veteran 1 entry.

1st Hardy & Hallam Mrs D & Mrs P CH Tokaji  California Dreaming.
Quality red and white bitch of nearly 8 years more refined throughout but beautifully made. Balanced in her outline appearing taller than her length she was not giving away her age. Femenine in her head with excellent chiselling and small erect ears set well forward. Good front, finely boned and a well laid back shoulder. Oval shaped deep chest, short muscular loins and correct high set tail curled over her spine. Muscular rear with strong hocks she moved well carrying her legs straight forwards R.B.O.B and B.V.I.B.

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