Pembrokeshire Canine Association 16th June 2012.


Open;         4 entries 1 absentee.
1st Bleakleys’ Ulmarra Shakal At Miwell.
Handsome, well balanced fawn dog of correct size with dark oval eyes on a long narrow skull giving a gentle expression. Well muscled neck and shoulders which were slightly sloping. Chest deep with good cut up. Slight arch over loin, moderately bent stifles with well developed thighs. Moved effortlessly over the ground with good reach and drive. BOB.
2nd Smithsons’ Chisobee Caru Cyntaf.
3rd Smithsons’ Chisobee Serenarian.

Post Graduate;    2 entries 0 absentees.
1st Owen & Brodies’ Wolfscastle Orson.
Good size dog of 15 months full of breed type, well balanced both on the stack and moving. Typical head long with flat skull, slight rise over dark eyes and carried high on the move. Long body with deep chest, well arched loin. Well bent stifles with good length from hip to hock. Presented in excellent muscle condition he moved well covering the ground easily with long strides. BOB.
2nd Codds’ Greyflax Over The Moon At Gazeawhile.

Open:                   2 entries 0 absentees.
1st Codds’ Kilbourne Webster At Gazeawhile.
Well balanced dog of nearly two years. Long level head with dark moderately full eyes. Small high set ears. Long well arched strong neck. Well laid shoulders with strong straight forelegs. Long body with deep chest. Powerful well muscled rear quarters. Moved well across the ground.
2nd Owen & Brodies’ Wolfscastle Draig.

Grand Basset Griffon Vendeen:
Open;                  1 entry  1 absentee. 

Petit Basset Griffon Vendeen:
Open;                1 entry   0 absentees.
1st Osbornes’ Amyjay Jenevieve.
Four year old bitch who was well balanced throughout and full of breed type. Superb head and expression, excellent neck and shoulder into correct top line, straight well boned front into good feet, well set on stern,  well made and muscled hindquarters, in first class condition with good harsh coat, moved with good reach in front and drive from the rear. BOB.

Miniature Long Haired Dachshund:
Post Graduate:      2 Entries 0 Absentees.
1st Bowman-Davies’ Timshaws Moon Shadow.
Red bitch of nearly two years old in good coat condition but carrying a little too much weight. Long conical skull shape with dark almond shape eyes. Well laid shoulders with good return of upper arm. Well muscled body of good length, slight arch over short loin. Good hind quarters. Moved well with a free flowing stride.
2nd Rees’ Urishay Lupin.
Open;                     2 Entries 0 Absentees.
1st Rees’ Aureens Pride And Joy.
Well balanced black and tan two year old bitch full of quality. Correct conical head shape with almond shaped eyes. Prominent breast bone, sloping shoulders, back level with slight arch over loin. Well muscled front and rear quarters gave good free flowing movement. BOB.
2nd Bowman-Davies’ Timshaws Storm Keeper.

Miniature Wire Haired Dachshund:
Post Graduate:          2 Entries 0 Absentees.
1st Lewis’ Trixhund Beluga.
Absolutely fabulous 9 month old puppy dog who was full of quality from head to tail and a pleasure to go over him. Balanced head both in shape and length, almond shaped eyes with slight ridge above. High set well rounded ears of moderate length. Prominent strong breast bone, Well laid shoulders with correct angulation and return of upper arm balancing to length of shoulder blades. Well muscled body which had sufficient ground clearance. Broad strong rump with good rear angulation which was well muscled. Moved with ease over the ground with real drive from the rear. Presented and handled well. BPIB.
2nd Lewis’ Trixhund Tatti Romanova.
Open:                          1 Entry 0 Absentees.
1st  Lewis’ Trixhund Country Lover.
Handsome black and tan dog of just over two years who was well balanced throughout. Lovely head and expression which was carried proudly on good length of neck. Prominent fore chest. Well placed shoulders. Balanced angulation front and rear. Good muscle tone enabled him to move easily over the ground. BOB.

Miniature Smooth Haired Dachshund:
Post Graduate:               4 Entries 0 Absentees.
1st Dunhills’ Gellijan Miss Diore ( Handled by Mr R Hollifield).
Nine month old black and tan bitch who was well balanced in outline. Good front and rear angulation. Prominent breast bone, deep chest with well sprung ribs of adequate length. Slight arch over broad loins, good muscle tone throughout. Moved well with good length of stride. BPIB.
2nd Lewis’ Trixhund John Cooper.
3rd Thomas’ Cwmdarhian Butch Cassidy At Acedachs.
Open:                      3 Entries 0 Absentees.
1st Lewis’ Trixhund Mini Cooper.
Two year old well balanced black and tan dog. Good head on a long neck which was correctly carried forward on the move, oval front and prominent breast bone, strong bone into well padded feet, good length and depth of ribbing contributing to correct underline. He had good muscle tone throughout which allowed him to move with good drive from the rear and covering the ground easily.BOB.
2nd Thomas’ Cwmdarhian Dark Krystal at Acedachs.
3rd Davies’ Western Scarlet.

Junior:                    5 Entries 1 Absentee.
1st Webbs’ Demerlay Royal Ransom.
Well balanced fawn dog of seventeen months. Presented in lovely condition with good muscle tone. Well laid back shoulders, deep chest, correct pasterns and well developed second thigh.  He moved with great freedom with long easy strides and he was true coming and going.
2nd Bristows’ Glasrhedyn Madem Tooti.(BPIB).
3rd Bristows’  Glasrhedyn Madem Fern.
4th Bristows’  Huntinghill Jazz Trooper.
Post Graduate:               3 Entries 0 Absentees.
1st Woods’ Wolfscastle Star Struck.
Two year old fawn bitch who was  full of quality and well balanced throughout. Feminine head shape with melting expression strong neck good layback of shoulders deep brisket strong hindquarters with good bend of stifle and broad thigh. Presented in superb muscle condition enabled her to move with great freedom across the ground. BOB.
2nd Walton-Dixons’ Palmik Magical Wish At Valleyglow.
3rd Bristows’ Willingwisp Moon Spirit.
Open:                              3 Entries 0 Absentees.
1st Walton-Dixons’ Walkabout Way To The Stars At Valleyglow.
Four and a half year old fawn bitch who was beautifully balanced. Good head shape carried on long neck down into good shoulders. Good bone and feet, correct top line which she kept on the move. Strong hindquarters and well let down hocks. Moved soundly with drive.
2nd Woods’ Deliorhea Touch Of Class.
3rd Birtles’ Barnesmore Zafonic Geisha Girl.




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