Portsmouth and Southsea Kennel Association 09.02.20

Judge Mr R J Gunn.

Rhodesian Ridgeback.

Puppy 6 entries 3 absentees.

1st Steele Mrs C.J. & Mr M.R.L.  Diamondridge Angel Delight.

Promising bitch full of breed type and well balanced throughout. Loved her classic head with a flat skull with good eyes and ears. Well made front with correct angulation and balancing well with her rear assembly. Good muscle tone throughout her frame and nice tight feet. She was able to move with great freedom to her action covering the ground with ease. B.P.I.B.

2nd Barnes K.J. Diamondridge Sweet Delight.

Litter sister to winner and again full of quality throughout her elegant but powerful frame, she was not as settled as my winner but I am sure she will mature well.

3rd Young Mrs K. Oostblik Reenboog Bora.

Junior 3 entries 2 absentees.

1st Furnell Miss N.F. Kuwinda Ron Weasley.

Handsome masculine dog of just over a year old. Correct head with a dark round eye giving good expression. Good bone to his front with well laid shoulders and deep chest with nice ribbing. Strong muscular loin leading into his well made rear with good turn of stifle and nice strong well let down hocks. He moved well around the ring.

Post Graduate 5 entries 4 absentees.

1st Cheke Mrs J.J. Kinabula’s Gitana.

Feminine bitch of just under 2 years of age. Balanced head of typical proportions with bright round eyes giving good expression. Muscular neck of ample length leading nicely down to her well made front with a well laid shoulder and good tight feet. Good width to her body with excellent depth of chest. Muscular rear with angles complimenting her front which allowed her to move freely around the ring.

Open 4 entries 3 absentees.

1st Catley Mr R. & Miss A. CH Diamondridge Roll The Dice For Royalridge JW.

I loved this beautiful made bitch that was presented and handled so well in the ring. Typical head of good length with a flat skull, round bright expressive dark eyes and high set ear carried close. Nice arch to her strong neck leading down to her withers. Beautiful ridge along her top line with matching crowns. Excellent front with ample bone, well laid back shoulders and elbows set closely to her body. Moderate spring of rib to her deep chest and muscular loin with nice arch all leading to her muscular rear with good turn of stifle to compliment her front perfectly. On the move she demonstrated an active, straight free action to cover the ground effortlessly. B.O.B.

Great Dane.

Special Yearling 5 entries 5 absentees.

Open 4 entries 4 absentees.


Junior 3 entries 2 absentees.

1st Cole Mrs J. Averkate Kassandra With Simden (IMP RUS).

Beautiful bitch just over 6 months of age. Well proportioned in her head with expressive dark oval eyes and a black muzzle. Straight front with well laid shoulders and excellent depth of chest. Straight back and well made muscular broad loin. Muscular rear with moderate angulation and strong hocks. She moved well around the ring with good reach and drive. B.P.I.B.

Post graduate 0 entries.

Open 2 entries 1 absentee.

1st Cleary Mrs L.C. Mystic Charm Ginger Heaven For Benellison.

Loved this typical feminine bitch that is well balanced throughout with ample bone and good substance. Correct head with balancing proportions of skull and muzzle and a dark eye. Muscular neck leading down to her well laid shoulders set neatly around her deep chest with elbows held close to her side. Good firm top line leading to her well muscled rear with moderate angulation. She moved well around the ring with an even action demonstrating good reach and drive. Presented in excellent coat and well handled. B.O.B.

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