Afghan Hound Judging;

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Southern Afghan hound Club Open Show 15.05.05

Birmingham Afghan Hound Club 20.05.06

Afghan Hound Association open show 21.10.06

Western Afghan Hound Club 13.04.08

Newmarket and District Canine Society  14.06.08.

Afghan Hound Club of Scotland Open Show 11.06.11

LKA championship show 15.12.13.

Poodle Judging;

Devon County Show 19.05.11.

Trent to Tweed Poodle Club Open Show 10.05.15

Staffordshire and Birmingham Agricultural Open Show 02.06.16

Guilford & District Canine Society 13.11.16

Southern Counties Canine Association Championship Show 04.06.17.


Group and other breed Judging;

Eastbourne & district Canine society 14.09.08

Litchfield Canine society 28.01.12

Pembrokeshire Canine Association 16.06.12

Tavistock & District Canine society 16.10.13

The Hound Club Of Wales 27.04.14

Dorset county Canine Society 27.07.14.

Lowestoft, Oulton Broad & District Canine Society 19.10.14. 

Otley Canine Society 12.04.15.

Duchy Canine Society 18.10.15.

Liskeard & District Canine Association 08.10.16.

Guilford & District Canine Society 26.03.17.

Poole Canine Club 18.06.17




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