Staffordshire and Birmingham Agricultural Society Open Show 2nd June 2016.

Miniature Poodle:

Junior      1 entry.

1st Mrs B Cherry’s Shanandi Song Of Norway.
Beautiful black bitch of correct size and well balanced in outline. She has a feminine head with dark almond eyes and good chin which she carried on a long neck. Good front with deep chest and good spring of rib. Well muscled short loin and correct tail set. Good bend of stifle and well let down hocks she was presented in excellent coat and muscle. Moved well over the ground for one so young.

Post Graduate     0 entries.

Open    1 entry.

1st Mrs J Porter’s Jolanta Fallen Angel.
I loved this beautiful feminine black bitch of two and a half years of age. Elegant head with correct dark almond eye giving a wicked expression. Good under jaw with a scissor bite. Well laid back shoulder with a good return of upper arm. Deep chest with elbows tucked under and good spring of rib. Short well muscled loin, well bent stifles and well let down hocks. Good tail which was set correctly and carried up on the move. Good profuse harsh coat which was presented in great condition. She moved effortlessly over the ground. Well handled. B.O.B.

Standard Poodle.

Junior    0 entries.

Post Graduate   1 entry 1 absentee.

Open      3 entries 1 absentee.

1st Mrs H D  Bull-Harris’s Christamae Lotties Dream ShCM.
Nicely balanced four and a half year old black bitch. Good head and eye with nice chin. Good front shoulders and deep chest with good spring of rib. Well muscled short loin, good bend of stifle with good muscle and nice strong hocks. Tail carried up and slightly over back on the move. Presented in good coat and well handled. B.O.B.
2nd Ms D Horton’s Chestmintars Cruzin Again At Kulute.

Toy Poodle.

Junior   3 entries 2 absentees.

1st Mrs M Marston & Mrs T Pugh’s Seldoop Bear Grylls.
Absolutely stunning 9 month old black dog that was a real joy to go over and showed great ring presence on the move. Handsome head with a wicked expression from his dark almond shaped eyes. Good length of neck, excellent front with well laid back shoulders and good return of upper arm. Deep chest with good spring of rib and a nice short well muscled loin. Well bent stifles and well let down hocks with nice tight feet. Correct tail set and carried up on the move. He moved effortlessly over the ground and I could have easily taken him home. Well presented in good harsh coat and great muscle I am sure he has a promising career in front of him. B.O.B. and B.P.I.B.
Post Graduate    4 entries 1 absentee.
1st Mrs B A Nadolski’s Seldoop Imindisguise At Zarinska.
Beautiful 21 month old black bitch of correct size. Adored her head with almond dark eyes and good chin. Good length of neck and good front with well laid back shoulders. Deep chest with good spring of rib. Good rear angulation balancing to front on the move and with good muscle. Nice high set tail which she carried up on the move. Pesented in good coat. She moved well over the ground.
2nd Mrs H D Bull-Harris’s Plubenilver Dream.
3rd Ms C J Payton’s Dusting Of White.

Open   3 entries 3 absentees.


Junior  5 entries 2 absentees.

1st Mr D & Mrs T J Holmes’s Dencas Mirlin.
Handsome young black dog of nine and a half months. Loved his head with a moderate length, dark brown eyes giving a foxy expression. Good muscular sloping shoulders with straight legs set well under body and small cat like feet. Deep in chest and short length to back. Good rear with nice muscular thighs and strong legs. He moved well with a short but brisk stride over the ground. B.P.I.B.
2nd Mrs M Rollinson’s Chadbower Islay Skye.
3rd Mrs C Massey’s Ristine Jack Black.

Post Graduate   3 entries  2 absentees.

1st Mrs C Massey’s Ristine Jack Black.
Black dog of sixteen months of age. Good head and expression. Broad deep chest and good feet to front. Well muscled rear and curled tail carried over back. Moved well.

Open     6 entries 3 absentees.
1st Dr Mrs Thorne’s Schipdale Lewis.
A cobby handsome black dog of two years and presented in great coat condition. I loved his head which was broad at the rear with ears erect and fine at front. Dark brown oval eyes finishing off the foxy expression. Good broad front with deep chest, sloping shoulders and straight legs set nicely under. Good rear with a broad rump, tight curled tail over back, well muscled, strong legs and cat like feet. He moved well over the ground with a nice brisk short stride. Well handled. B.O.B.
2nd Mrs B Manners’s Roopec Birthday Treasure.
3rd Mrs C Massey’s Carozza Black Lace At Ristine.

Tibetan Spaniel.

Junior   0 entries.

Post Graduate    0 entries.

Open   2 entries 2 absentees.

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