Tavistock and District Canine society 06.10.13

Junior  2 enties 1 absentee.
1st Gallie’s Ebrys Enchantress.
Brindle bitch of 9 months. Very good head, neck and top line creating a balanced picture stood and on the move. Well angulated forequarters with elbows in close and good lay of shoulder.Powerfull well muscled rear quaters giving very free flowing movement when viewed in profile. BPIB.
Graduate 3 entries 1 absentee.
1st Gallie’s Almakaeala’s Irish Mist.
 Fawn bitch of 14 months. Beautiful headed bitch with dark expressive eyes and neat ears. Elegant neck into well constructed shoulders and flowing top line with desired rise over the loin. Deep chest with good spring of rib. Presented in hard condition. Moved effortlessly across the ground.
2nd Fitzgerald’s Kierpark Bed Of Roses.
Limit 2 entries 1 absentee.
1st Taylor’s Jzan Zizadorable.
 Fawn bitch of 19 months. Fell in love with this one as soon as I saw her walk in the ring and she was a pleasure to go over. Elegant and refined both on the stack and on the move a giving a picture of balance and breed type. Pretty feminine head leading to good neck and shoulders. Lovely top line and spring of rib. Well developed second thighs. Moved effortlessly with style over the ground BOB.
Open Dog 3 entries 2 absentees.
1st Willoughby’s Nevedith U For Unique At Penodati.
Silver party brindle of 3 years.
Balanced, well presented boy with a lovely outline while stationary or
on the move. Good head with gentle expression carried on a long neck. Well laid shoulders, nice deep chest with good spring of rib. Good topline and strong rear quarters producing smooth driving movement.
Open Bitch 3 entries 2 absentees.
1st Gallie’s Chapleigh Electra Of Erbys.
3 year old party brindle of correct size and balanced shape. Feminine head and sweet
expression. Good topline both stationary and on the move. Good angulation both front and rear.Moved  effortlessly over the ground.

Ibizan Hound.
 Open 5 entries 5 absentees.

Open 1 entry 0 absentees.
1st Bye’s Jamalison Anthem ShCM.
Bitch of 7 and a half. Coarse hard coat. Correct confirmation with strong well knuckled feet and angled pasterns.  Feminine head with dark eye and neat small ears.  Correct bite and tapered muzzle.  Good length of neck onto well angled shoulders, correct length in body with rise of loin and fall away.  Low set hocks and again strong correct  rear feet. Well muscled and moved easily over the ground. BOB.

Open. 4 entries 0 absentees.
1st Roberts & Spearing’s Linkenlees Liberty ShCM.
Good head and expression with dark eyes. Long low set leathers, good reach of neck.Level topline. Straight front. Good depth of chest. Short pasterns and good tight feet. Strong hindquarters well angulated. Well balanced outline on the stack. Moved soundly BOB.

Basset Hound.
Open 3 entries 1 absentee.
1st Henwood & Clogg’s Cornish Jack ShCM.
3 year old dog. Nice head with the softest expression and dark eyes with good length of leathers. Prominant sternum with good front angulation and tight feet. Nice length of body with excellent ribbing. Good rear angulation. Moved well over the ground. BOB.
2nd Turner’s Barrenger Morgan Sweet Of Devonhound.

Miniature smooth haired Dachshund.

Open 3 entries 2 absentees.

1st Pile’s Blue Belle Marie At Dreamdax.
Bitch of 3 and a half. Correct head. Good forechest & well laid back shoulder. Tight fitting elbows. Lovely topline. Good rear angulation. Presented and handled well moving easily over the ground.  BOB.

Wirehaired Dachshund.

Open 3 entries 1 absentee.
1st Rollinson’s Bellavin Invincible At Nosinllor.
Dog of eight months. This youngster was full of quality and showed great promise for the future. Super head, eyes, ears and long neck. Excellent front assembly well off for bone. Deep keel, good chest and ribs. Super topline and overall balance. Superb wire coat. Moved well over the ground. BOB and BPIB.

Long Haired Dachshund.

Open 1 entry 0 absentees.
1st Alford & Worth’s Dachslur Diddley Do At Deeseedx.
4 year old black and tan dog. Well balanced throughout. Correct head. Lovely neck with that slight arch. Correct front and strong rear. In super coat and condition, strong loin and well ribbed up. Moved well over the ground. BOB.


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