Trent to Tweed Poodle Club Open Show 10/05/15

Special award class Standard Poodles   2 entries 1 absentee.
1st Mrs J Clare and Mrs C Charles Pamplona Dancing In The Dark JW.
Absolutely fabulous black bitch of six and a half. I loved her when she was shown in full coat and now I can see why. Well balanced throughout she has a beautiful head with good underjaw, nice chiselling and almond shaped eyes giving a good expression. Long neck down to a well laid back shoulder with excellent return of upper arm which showed on the move with good front extension. Deep chest with elbows under and good spring of rib. Well muscled rear with good bend of stifle which gave excellent drive from the rear. Presented in beautiful condition and well handled.

Special award class Miniature Poodles     4 entries 3 absentees.
1st Mr S P & Mrs J L Warnes Myhaven Fantasy.
I have loved this handsome black dog since I first saw him last year now at 17 months he has matured beautifully. Well balanced in outline he has a typical head with a strong foreface with good underjaw, moderate stop, slight peak all finished off with nice chiselling and almond shaped eyes giving a wicked expression. Well laid back shoulders with good return of upper arm and nice tight feet with arched toes. Deep chest with well sprung ribs, short well muscled loin with tail set on high and well bent stifles to rear to complete the picture.  Presented in fabulous coat condition and superb muscle tone which showed in his sound light movement with plenty of drive from the rear enabling him to cover the ground with ease. One to watch for the future as I am sure he will go on to do well in the ring.

Special award class Toy Poodle       2 entries 0 absentees.
1st Ms J Webb’s Amberiffic One Direction ShCM.
I loved this fabulous 3 year old black bitch when she first came under me a while ago. She is beautifully balanced throughout and she just moves so effortlessly around the ring, demonstrating great drive from the rear and good front extension. Feminine head with wicked expression from almond shaped eyes, good length of foreface balancing to length from stop to occiput. Excellent front with well laid back shoulders, deep chest with elbows under and nice tight feet. Good bend of stifle and correct tail set to finish. She was presented in excellent coat and well handled and I could easily take this one home with me.
2nd Mr D& Mrs S Coats Micador Destiny.
Beautiful black bitch of 21 months. Again well balanced throughout she has a good head with excellent expression. Well laid back shoulders deep in chest and a good bend of stifle. Unlucky to come up against winner on the day.




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