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'Harry' Katanga's Kandy King.

Home bred.

D.O.B. 03.08.11.

Co owned with Lyn Young, Val West & Mark Pooley.

Sire: Andizhan Baal at Shirobana - Dam: Katanga's Candy Perfume Girl.

(Photo by Jan Fielder)

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'Hope' Katanga's Kandy Kisses.

Home bred.

D.O.B. 03.08.11.

Co owned with Charlotte Gunn.

Sire: Andizhan Baal at Shirobana - Dam: Katanga's Candy Perfume Girl.

(Photo by Jo Smith Zhaqqari)

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'Zoe' Katanga's Candy Perfume Girl.

D.O.B. 30/03/05.

Home bred.

Co-owned with Mr Francis Hearne.

Sire: Kimani Hrhaluke At Shirobana - Dam: Allakari Wyandot.

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'Jasmine' Allakari Wyandot.

D.O.B. 17/02/00.

Bred by Mrs Fran Greenman.

Sire: Xciting No Blondes After Midnight At Quaisuma - Dam: Allakari Kosava.

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'Tonka' Bashanabad Swordsman.

D.O.B. 25/11/98.

Bred by Mrs Sue Schedler.

Co-owned with Mr Keith Harvey.

Sire: Jalhar A Thing Called Love - Dam: Zushkhan's Ultimate Decision.

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'Nanas' Zushkhan's Ultimate Choice.

D.O.B. 13/04/96.

Bred by Mr Richard Gunn.

Sire: Wilbus Joffre - Dam: Pahlevi Dream Sequence.

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'Sasha' Zharook Sarakavahn Sashumada.

D.O.B. 26/06/91.

Bred by Mr & Mrs John Hope.

Sire: Zharook Fancy That Of Sarakavahn - Dam: Zharook Scarlet O Hara At Sarakavahn.

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'Misha' Sochera's Mischevious Miss.

D.O.B. 25/08/92.

Bred by Mrs Sue Green.

Sire: Karaburan Count Baisey - Dam: Sochera's Giverny.

Misha was only shown occasionally as she preferred the race track to the show ring. She did gain a best puppy in breed at Bournemouth Championship Show in 1993. On the race track she represented SWAR two years running and was one of the fastest bitches on the track.

Misha in the parade of race stars at the AHA show in 1996 representing SWAR.

Sadly Misha passed away in October 2005 at the age of 13.


Vasti,Bubbles,Sophieand Sasha.

From left to right: Vashti, Bubbles, Sophie & Sasha.

Sadly all have passed away now but such happy memories of how it all began.


Sophie,Bubbles,Vashti and Sasha on the old sea wall at Clevedon.

Photo taken on the old sea wall at Clevedon.

From left to right: Sophie, Bubbles, Vashti & Sasha in 1992.


Tonka, Sasha, Nanas and Jasmine.


Tonka,Sasha and Nanas the show team.

Tonka, Sasha and Nanas, the Show Team.


Walking the Afghans.

The local paper feature in 2001.

From left to right: Sasha, Misha, Bubbles, Jasmine, Nanas & Tonka.


Back garden 2002

The Affies at home, from left to right: Misha, Jasmine, Tonka, Sasha & Bubbles.



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